Danish futuristic rock-jazz-drum-n-bass duo with roots in ancient music

New album released 2023


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"[...] this should blow your socks off live. Fusion for the future"
Dietmar Terpstra, Jazzism

"The music amalgamates elements of Ambient, Electronics, the usual Rocky beats but also Free Improvisation and a plethora of other influences, all beautifully combined together into a unique, striking and uplifting whole [...] this is a highly original Fusion album, completely unlike almost everything within the genre, and absolutely storming the listener’s brain."

"the Danish trio of Kemaca Kinetic explored the range of electric guitar and bass, with drums, making a refreshing change from the almost-dreaded piano trio infestation. The Kinetic blend of jazz and rock progginess was just right in its degrees, displaying dynamism and edge, not quite distorto-overloaded, and not quite overly fusioned. Brushes may well have been used, but even these produced a propellant hardness, courtesy of Matias Fischer. Casper Hejlesen’s angular, cyclic guitar riffs could also drift into a spacey zone, though usually rousing again into choppy, trebly patterns, as the three made their vigorous evolution, with powerhouse drum stutters shunting into a jungle groove, and peaking with an arpeggiated guitar aloneness."
Martin Longley, Jazzwise - after concert at Tallinn Music Week 2022




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